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Addressing voting records and misinformation in mailers from my opponent


Thank you to community members who have reached out. My opponent's recent mailer has false and misleading information. I have conducted a positive campaign focused on my accomplishments, rather than denigrating my opponent. 

Here is my response to that mailer:

Affordable Housing

My opponent has repeatedly tried to pass amendments that would increase the time and cost of building100% affordable housing in Santa Cruz. My opponent failed to disclose that he has voted against 100% affordable housing projects while serving on the Santa Cruz City Council.

30 Percent of Zero is still Zero

While my opponent has tried to increase the percentage of affordable housing, I have been working to increase the number of affordable homes that people can move into soon. His tactic caused the delay of educator housing over the objections of the Santa Cruz City Schools District. 


My voting records create more housing options for people needing homes in our community.

Community Funding

These funding recommendations were made following a year-long application and review process approved by the City Council through which multiple organizations applied. Prior to presentation to the City Council, these funding recommendations were unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors, and were based on staff recommendations. My opponent fails to disclose that, upon recognizing the need to fill in funding gaps for several organizations, I worked with staff to provide and advocate for bridge funding to ensure uninterrupted service by those not recommended in the original process.  

Building Heights

There have been no projects proposed or approved that are 17 stories, and I would not support a 17-story project. This was part of a downtown expansion plan that would keep the Santa Cruz Warriors in our community and generate city revenue that would be used for our workers, services, and programs.


This is by far the most dangerous and appalling of my opponent's accusations. The City Council had expert demographers draft maps based on census data, which were approved by Council majority. While none of the maps were perfect, I voted for the map with the greatest community support. As a woman of color and an immigrant who has experienced marginalization and discrimination, someone who has worked passionately on behalf of vulnerable populations, this accusation is a disturbing false narrative. This type of gaslighting and manipulation of the truth cuts deeply. 

I have decided not to go negative...because I have 20 years of results as public health advocate and as a councilmember that I have produced in our community. I also have a long diverse list of endorsements of federal, state, and local elected and community members. These are individuals with whom I have worked over the course of two decades who know my knowledge, experience, and dedication to get things done. 

In community, 


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