Faris Sabbah,
Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools, endorses Shebreh for Supervisor


Our community is brimming with beauty, opportunity and compassion. But too much of it is threatened, inaccessible or riddled with conflict. There is urgency for responsive, experienced leadership to deliver increased community well-being and opportunity for all members of our community. I am excited to share that after deep consideration, I have decided to run for Third District Supervisor. I will truly make progress against our greatest challenges by contributing my public health expertise and local government experience to community well-being.


As a public health professional, I know first-hand how important it is for local government to provide leadership and resources to address our most serious challenges. The work includes a focus on critical issues such as affordable housing for our workforce and seniors, housing for those experiencing homelessness, dismantling systems that perpetuate racial inequities, wildfire preparedness, CZU Lightning fire recovery, economic recovery for small businesses and their employees, and much more.


I have the pragmatic mind, compassionate heart, grit and leadership experience needed for this job. Having immigrated from Iran as a child in 1985, my story and my family’s story includes experiences with gender, class, and religious injustices. I learned the meaning of equity–or simply stated, fairness–at a very young age.   Since arriving in the United States, I have been extremely fortunate to receive a quality education at UC Santa Cruz and San Jose State; raise two beautiful young boys with my husband; work in the non-profit and public sectors; start my own business; and serve on the Santa Cruz City Council.


I have called Santa Cruz my home over the last two decades and in that time I have secured competitive grant funds and worked with our community to address public health and social issues including immigration rights, mental health and substance use, youth homelessness, juvenile justice reform and more. All issues relevant to the work of the Board of Supervisors. My life experiences as an immigrant woman of color, my career in social change, and serving on the Santa Cruz City Council have given me a unique perspective and have taught me the importance of community and service. They have taught me that progress is accomplished through caring deeply, listening, building consensus, and being in action. I listen. I learn. And co-create solutions that uplift our entire community. I will bring to the job my professional experience, my understanding of county government and my commitment to do the hard work needed to develop practical solutions to our greatest challenges. Serving on the Board of Supervisors will enable me to make the most impact towards community wellbeing for the greatest number of people in our community. I invite you to join me in realizing a healthy thriving Santa Cruz County for all. I would be honored to have your endorsement, support and vote.


In community,